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Love where you live !

     It’s places like this that keep me thrilled to live on Long Island.  Thanks to social media I am a new comer and a big fan of this adorable little hot spot they call  “The Silly Lilly fishing station “   

     The marina alone is so sweet and the whole approach is nothing to sneeze at.   Nestled down an adorable country tree lined street, with green lawns and white horse fencing .  This East Moriches gem is just a short turn off Montauk highway .  As soon as you come upon this bright and cheery place you know for sure that you have arrived at something special.  With racks of turquoise paddle boards, yellow kyacks and dory’s lined up ready to rent it makes you feel like you could definitely stay awhile.  

     As if that isn’t enough  they have the coolest little building with interesting nooks and crannies to discover .  The small jewelry studio in the corner quickly catches my eye   and  a pinball machine on my left it seems that they have everything you might need in order to set out on the bay.  I’m told they even have a farm stand set up on weekends and a chic food truck daily is perhaps the icing on the cake.    This is the perfect little day trip - love where you live  !!!


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