Beautiful Long Island !

As the holidays start to wind down, and we become a little less enchanted with the shiny ornaments, and the fresh greens that are no longer fragrant, with needles that are cascading to the floor.   Perhaps, it doesn’t feel as festive, but slightly more like annoying clutter.   It may be a bit daunting to think of the rest of the winter stepping over the snowboots, snow shovels, salt brine and dirty snow.   But, I can’t help myself for enjoying all the seasons that the great Northeast has to offer.

I lived in Florida for over 10 years, and of course, not without perks.  However, the absence of seasonal changes really took a toll on me.  The anticipation of mother nature’s ever-changing gifts were few and far between!

I truly longed for the winter images of the Great South Bay  frozen solid, snowy fields of grape arbors on the North Fork, sparkle of New York City at Christmas time and, windowshopping the quiet streets of the Hamptons.  

True, it is hard to live in New York , expensive, crowded and fast-paced, but I believe we are given so many beautiful things to admire here. From Montauk to Manhattan there is always something to discover in any season.

If you feel like you are having a little cabin fever this winter just get in your car, even if it’s just for a little while, grab your mittens and a hot cocoa.   Drive to the water in any direction, take a deep breath, and enjoy the crisp fresh air.   Before you know ,  it will be SPRING again and it will be time to bloom! 


Safe and happy travels in this fabulous NEW YEAR !!!


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